Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Happy birthday Facebook?

So Facebook is ten.  Which means that it can now be stopped by the police for riding on the pavement or scaring old ladies.

Which is not the point of this posting.  No, instead I'd like to muse on what the role of social media in science fiction is.  Not so much in the marketing and selling - that's taken as read - but in the content itself.  You see, I don't remember Princess Leia changing her Facebook status or Deckard tweeting every time he wasted a replicant or James Tiberius ever contemplating changing his log for a blog.

Perhaps it's because I'm not very well read on sci-fi of the last decade or so, but I've just waded through Peter F Hamilton's opus Great North Road (having been able to see the Great North Road from our bedroom window in our last place) - you can read my review at - and nowhere in it do any of the characters worry about their Google circles.

I see a lot of technology in sci-fi, but what I've seen is being used by homo sapien 1.0 - websites as interactive encyclopediae, and so on.  There must be some stories out there of the evils and advantages of social media, how its changing behaviour itself not just providing swankier tools.

Any suggestions?

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