Monday, 3 October 2016

Notes and corrections

Some updates from recent posts:

I'm in two minds about this post
The more I look, the more examples I see, and the more it makes perfect sense: Carl Jung described himself as having two conflicting personalities, no.1 and no.2; and this, in a magazine interview with Gillian Anderson: "Yeah. I am a mix  of normal, safe, quiet, regimented, serious, morally and ethically led – or at least I try to be for the most part.  Then every once in a while – or maybe more than once in a while – there is  a part of me that is incredibly reckless. I think it bubbles underneath all the time..."

I don't want to sound like I'm the only one who can see this, but aren't we all on a spectrum here, guys?  I mean, like, not just the crazies...  We keep being told that there's no 'I' in 'team'.  But there is 'me'.  Or, more to the point, there's a team in me.

Closer to the transom
Following that encouraging response from Asimov's in June I sent off another story.  Which didn't come back in a matter of days.  It's now been with them over three months with complete radio silence.  So I gently prodded to see what's the state of play.  Turns out they're only getting through to stories from May.  My heart sank - it's just queued, circling the drain...

That said, I've looked at the response turnaround times on the Grinder and very few stories get to being more than three months old, so I think I can conclude it's made it past the guardians of the slush pile.  Even then, it's still only a one in twenty hit rate...

Lakeside Circus
Still waiting...

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