Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Go The Donald! Woo! Woo! Woo!

I don't think it's too outrageous to claim that, with a few notable exceptions such as the automatic writings of Andre Breton, that all pieces of writing, from shopping lists upwards, are first drafted in the mind.

These postings start off that way, despite appearances to the contrary, albeit as half-baked ideas congealing to some sort of substance then dashed off with an editorial eye barely open.  I was going to open this post with something along the lines of: 'When it comes to AI people see the challenge as being whether a machine will ever pass the Turing Test but, for me, the real question is whether Donald Trump will ever pass one'.

However, concurrent with those thoughts knocking around my mind like a dead goldfish spiralling down the pan, I was going through the SM without the BD that is the process of applying for ESTAs for entry to the US of A in the summer - my previous post noted that I will be a temporary Cascadian this August.  And what I had been assured was a pretty automatic process (I'd ticked the boxes to say that I was importing neither genocide nor plague) didn't seem to be for me.  Indeed, I'm still waiting a couple of days on.

Join the dots, people.  I think cause and effect is obvious.  Here in the UK Theresa May can only read your emails; in the States The Donald can read your thoughts.

And, it's not great a leap from there to posit that it's a two way street.  If he can read your thoughts he can also put ideas in your head.  I see no other way to explain the election result.

So now I'm silently chanting Go The Donald! Go The Donald!

Can we have our ESTAs?

Go The Donald!

Pretty please?

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