Friday, 24 March 2023


Well, this is nice, isn't it?  Always good to have your name on the cover, and a damn nice cover it is too.  Why not buy a copy so you can verify it's just as nice inside...  I will warn you, though: 'nice' is probably not the first word that springs to mind to describe The King of China's Mirror, my noir-horror time-traveling, alt history contribution.


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2084 - The Meschera Bandwidth

2084. The world remains at war.

In the Eurasian desert, twenty-year old Adnan emerges from a coma with memories of a strictly ordered city of steel and glass, and a woman he loved.

The city is the Dome, and the woman... is Adnan's secret to keep.

Adnan learns what the Dome is, and what his role really was within it. He learns why everybody fears the Sickness more than the troopers. And he learns why he is the only one who can stop the war.

Persuaded to re-enter the Dome to implant a virus that will bring the war machine to its knees, the resistance think that Adnan is returning to free the many - but really he wants to free the one.

24 0s & a 2

Twenty-four slipstream stories.  Frequently absurd, often minimifidian, occasionally heroic.

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